Year Purpose of the contract Ordering company
2015/16 Programa predictivo clientes finales industriales por termografía y flujometría de calor ISAGEN (más de 30 clientes)
2011 Predictive program, efficiency, and industrial reliability COLOMBIANA TISSUE-Cali-Colombia.
2011 Thermographic inspection of electrical transformers of EPSA buildings EMPRESA DE ENERGIA DEL PACIFICO S.A
2009 Predictive program, efficiency and reliability in generation systems in vapor and drying. EMPAQUES INDUSTRIALES COLOMBIANOS Colombia
2008 Inspection of electrical stations and distribution in northern, center, southern, and pacific Colombian regions. EMPRESA DE ENERGIA DEL PACIFICO S.A
Thermography and heat flow measurement Thermography and heat flow measurement Thermography and heat flow measurement
2013 Analysis of thermal insulators in tubes and tanks with heat flow measurement and infrared thermography OXIGENOS DE COLOMBIA
2012 Thermographic inspection of equipments in paper mill CARTONES AMERICA S.A
2012 Thermographic inspection to equipments of food and cleaning. UNILEVER ANDINA COLOMBIA LTDA
2012 Heat flow measurement in coffee drying tower NESTLE COLOMBIA
2012 Infrared thermography inspection and heat flow measurement of furnace SOCIEDAD DE FABRICACION DE AUTOMOTORES.
2012 Thermal characterization changing load conditions in lead melting furnace MAC-JOHNSON CONTROLS COLOMBIA S.A.S
2011 Thermographic inspection and heat flow measurement in vapor transmission tubes. INGENIO SAN CARLOS
2011 Thermal efficiency in pressing lines GOODYEAR DE COLOMBIA
2009 Heat flow measurement and thermographic inspection to heat and cooling thermal systems LABORATORIO BAXTER
2008 Thermographic inspection of electrical networks, equipments of high, middle, and low voltage. Predictive and preventive maintenance. EMPRESA MUNICIPALES CALI EMCALI
2008 Thermographic inspection of energy generation plants Alto Anchicayá, Bajo Anchicayá, Calima, Rio Nima, Rio Cali 1 -2 and Salvajina. EMPRESA DE ENERGIA DEL PACIFICO S.A
2008 Thermographic inspection of 45 electrical transformers. Estimation of opportunities to improve current systems. COMPAÑÍA ELECTRIFICADORA DE OCCIDENTE